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There is no such thing as satisfactory investigation results without a great amount of time spent on its process.

Indeed, the key to obtaining results that can serve a purpose and that will help in the development of our project is to interact as much as possible with those that cross or work in the industrial estate with the aim of imbuing ourselves with the life, experiences, and sensations of those who make daily use of it in hopes of finding the truth hidden under a pile of dust and a seemingly deserted area. …

In our last publication, we explained the project we are working on and investigating. It consists of the task of creating a new kind of signage, in Torrent de l’Estadella, to ensure the safety of the passerby. As we mentioned before, the first step for a good investigation is using what we think we know about the topic in order to do research about what is being done in other places with such given characteristics. This is what we did previously. …

During the investigation phase, we found out that getting started isn’t always easy.

This might seem obvious but before we put down any word on paper, we struggled to organize our goals in our minds; then, once we did, we had to find an agreement.

First, we noticed that after each one of us expressed his understanding of the project we thought that it was primordial to acknowledge the environment that we must work on (and its needs) before thinking about which kind of intervention we wanted to make. Therefore, we started analyzing the zone: we visited it, documented elements…

The Team

Grupo 2 (102). Ana Oliveira, Ye Xin, Natalia Soto, Josep Solé.

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